Made Smart Group - Maritime Information technology

Made Smart Group – Maritime Information technology


Made Smart Group (“MSG”) is an international software company, based in The Netherlands. The company operates development centers in Amsterdam and Gouda. Hosted information services are provided from redundant server centers with direct access to the fastest internet connections in the world.
The MSG development team is focused on innovative enabling software solutions for information services for the maritime industry. At the same the MSG solutions are proven, maintain the highest service level and are low risk at low cost.
MSG excels by founding its software solutions on in depth nautical expertise, hydrographic expertise (under which specifically nautical charting), maritime business knowledge and ICT expertise. The founders of the company are in person the creators of the “break-through” AISLIVE technology ( )


Made Smart Group is organized in four focus areas.

  1. Information technology expertise. MSG is specialized to build systems to acquire, store and handle complex maritime data. The data is translated to information that can be integrated easily and reliable in the customer’s operational systems (e.g. via an API). The technology of MSG is independent from the data source and can combine third party data with customer’s proprietary data if such is required.
  2. Data source expertise. MSG specialists carry in depth knowledge of key data sources in the fields of vessel and ship identifying data, AIS and other positioning data, nautical chart data, weather data, oceanology data, hydrographic data, routing data etc. MSG works with the best data providers, but is independent and able to follow customer’s preferences as well.
  3. Maritime expertise. The core staff of MSG pairs maritime experience and knowledge with the understanding of operational support systems and information/communication technology. MSG experts understand the needs of maritime operators. This extends to the wide range of actors around including insurers (P&I), legal advisors, surveyors, maritime advisors, authorities and offshore engineers.
  4. ICT services. This area concentrates on hosting of solutions and information as a service (IaaS). For the hosting we work with robust partners. Many call it “the cloud”. MSG is more transparent than that.

The culture of the company is customer central. The organization (15) is flexible in its capacity which secures efficiency and competitive pricing. MSG works with reputable partners such as IHS and Jeppesen.
Made Smart Group staff is passionate and dedicated in finding solutions for our customers that really work. Out of the box thinking is our default position.


Made Smart Group serves the worldwide maritime market of businesses and authorities who process, analyze, display or communicate information regarding the position, status and identity of physical assets. Made Smart Group serves such customers with information and information products based on smart and robust software tools and solutions. MSG also assists customers with dedicated licensed software.

Type of products

Tile Server service platform

Made Smart Group offers advanced server and web based tools that can be incorporated in geographical information systems and asset tracking and tracing systems. These tools enhance the visualization of geographic information with nautical charts in combination with for example weather maps, oceanography, sea-states and aerial imagery. The MSG cutting edge technology web based tile server service is:

  • Easy to implement in any system or device
  • Fast
  • Open to integrate any data source. Made Smart Group recommends trusted data sources such as Jeppesen, Tidetech, IHS, Orbcomm and several others, but can work with your preferred suppliers, if different, as well.
  • Reliable, with the highest service level
  • Continuously keeping the information up-to-date
  • Low cost with a transparent long term reliable pricing system

Asset tracking technology

Made Smart Group has readily available technology for the implementation of streaming asset tracking data in customer systems. All data sources can be used. The company is specialized in ship borne AIS, and can deliver plug and play ready tracking solutions.

Made Smart Historical AIS Data Store

Made Smart Group maintains a database with maritime AIS data in its original raw form as broadcast by ship borne AIS transponders since 2005. Each hour this database grows with more than 1 GB of new data, covering the observation of the movement of around 200.000 vessels. The company offers replay of incident, traffic density analysis, replay of docking or lock passage manoeuvers and other historical tracks. Made Smart Group provides also replay of historic weather and sea-state data. Made Smart Group is a licensee of IHS