The World’s Largest AIS Data Store By Made Smart Group

Do you need any analysis of vessel traffic, historical ship tracks or maritime incidents?

Made Smart Group can offer numerous factual data products. Such products include:

  • Incident analysis
  • Movement and Density analysis
  • Maneuverability analysis
  • Historic weather and seastates
Quality data – Up-front expert advise – Quick respons – Superb presentation – In depth knowledge – Complete history – Original raw data

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    World’s largest maritime terrestrial and satellite AIS data store

    Made Smart Group maintains the World’s Largest AIS Data Store with maritime terrestrial and satellite AIS data in its original raw form as broadcast by ship borne AIS transponders since 2005. Every hour this database grows with more than 1 GB of new data, covering the observations of the movements of around 200.000 vessels. Vessel movements are observed with the world’s largest network of terrestrial AIS stations in combination with more than 20 satellite based receivers.

    Made Smart Group is a licensee of IHS-Maritime, the owner of the AISLIVE network.


    Vessel Incident analysis

    Made Smart Group experts can help you with the detailed reconstruction of any incident or situation of your interest. Various data formats and visualizations are available, such as in ASCII, Excel or CSV formats and MP4 for the movie clips. Results can often be presented within several hours after the incident took place.
    Made Smart Vessel Incident analysis from the AIS Data Store

    Vessel Traffic Movement and Density analysis

    Vessel Traffic Movement and Density analysis from the AIS Data Store
    You can analyse the traffic flows and behaviour in a specific area, or the historical movements of a fleet using Made Smart Group statistical and visualisation tools. For building projects such as wind farms, offshore jetties or maintenance of infrastructures it is also worthwhile to review past experiences.

    Vessel Maneuverability Analysis

    Maneuvering very large ships in confined waters such as with docking or lock passages is a complicated and costly affair. Learn from the past, visualize what happened, reconstructions, movie clips and other data with your team and partners to optimize your operations.

    Made Smart Vessel Maneuverability analysis from the AIS Data Store

    Historical weather and sea state

    Replay the circumstances at the time of the incident. Weather and sea states are available in various observations to complete your analysis.
    Made Smart Historical weather and sea state